New WINTER menu Kids-Box
We watch, we learn!

What can you expect in Kids-Box Autumn 2022 Menu?

As not only founders of the Kids-Box but above all – mothers we let the kids’ culinary tastes guide us while creating the new Kids-Box Winter Menu. It resulted in completely new dishes, refined and tailored exactly to children’s picky tastes. Throughout the whole fall semester, we carefully observed which lunches delivered to school were the most popular among the little ones and which were screamed off as “yucky”.

One could say that it is not us who created a new winter menu, but our own children and their friends who join us in countless tasting sessions. We really hope you and your kids will like it!

fresh food for children in Malta balanced diet delivered to schools Healthy Lunch Kids-Box Malta
Nutritionally balanced dishes

Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

We let the children choose, but we limited the choice to healthy, balanced dishes made of seasonal products. Our priority was not only to focus on nutritional values but also on making healthy lunch that looks and tastes great for children at any age! Let us present the healthy carrot muffins, hidden veggies chicken rolls, or shaped sandwiches. Be prepared for healthier pasta dishes, puffy pastries, homemade oven-baked nuggets, oatmeal cookies and more!

Healthy Lunch Kids-Box Malta
Main Course Corner

Hidden Veggies & Whole Grains

We have good news for you, there is hope for vegetables in your kid’s diet. We just had to hide them!

We added vegetables wherever possible! Expect plenty of carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, cauliflower, or barley hidden in meatballs, sauce, or pastry. We also add blended cauliflower as a cheese replacement in the case of a healthier and wholesome version of mac and cheese, which is included in our winter menu. In this form, the kids not only accepted the vegetables but also asked for a second helping! Yes, it is that simple!

Sweet Treat

Healthier low or NO sugar dessert corners

Provided, as an element of healthy lunch, snacks are based on natural sweeteners or are low on sugar. We use healthy sugar substitutes (ripe bananas, dried fruit, maple syrup, etc.) or we limit the added sugar to a minimum while preparing healthy lunches. We base on what is seasonal, all fruits & vegetables come from local farmers in Malta.

Your Sweet Expectations:
  • cakes or muffins with hidden fruits & veggies inside (apple muffin, yogurt cake),
  • sweet banana or pumpkin bread,
  • rice or bread puddings
  • oatmeal cookies… and many more!
Fruit Salad Corner

Fresh Fruit & Dry Fruit Snacks

Four-time a week we are serving freshly cut seasonal fruits as part of a healthy diet plan. However, This semester we are also introducing Dry Fruit Day. Once a week your child would receive mixed healthy dry apple, apricot, plum, cranberry, or raisins in their Fruit Platter compartment.

Did you know that dried fruit is our natural alternative to sweets?

There is approximately 80-90% water in fresh fruit but the drying process results in a maximum of 20-30% of the water remaining in them? Fruits served in a smaller volume make children capable of eating more of them. Thus, they provide themselves with more nutrients! When composing dried fruit mix, we have a basic rule – they can’t be sulfurized or sweetened. So expect only the best!

healthy snacks for kids ideas fruit salad kids box malta
dry fruit winter menu kids-box Healthy Lunch Kids-Box Malta
International dishes

Kids-box taste like home

We are aware that children in Malta have different cultural backgrounds, and thus they are used to different tastes. We picked some traditional dishes from many countries, made the healthier versions for children, and here they are!

Winter Menu will surprise you with:
  • American Cauliflower Mac and Cheese,
  • Swedish meatballs & tomato sauce
  • Italian tramezzini sandwich,
  • Russian & Polish creamy Peas & Carrot
  • English Pudding with Brown Bread
  • Asian Style Sticky Coconut Pudding
  • Maltese Sausage Roll with Hidden Veggies

and many, many more!

Stars, Hearts, Ginger man...

Lots of shapes!

How to convince even the biggest fussy eater to try a product that so far seemed unappetizing to him? Change its shape! Hearts, stars, dogs, houses. Children love shapes. Suddenly it turned out that the heart-shaped carrot is more delicious than the “boring” one, traditionally cut into sticks.

Expect a whole range of shapes, from animal-looking sugar- free cookies to smiling faces on fruity muffins and crafty sandwiches. Our hope is to turn lunch eating into one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. The shapes introduce a fun element to eating, making the healthy lunch more kid-friendly.

puzzle sandwich
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Preparation & Packaging
in compliance with COVID-19 safety regulations

In accordance with the current safety guidelines regarding COVID-19, our meals are delivered and served in individual portions, packed separately in sealed boxes, removing any knows risk of any transmission or contamination.

Kids-Box Containers
100% biodegradable, ECO-friendly, easy to reheat

We deliver two types of containers, closed with the lid or sealed with the foil, depending on a daily meal. Kids-boxes are 100% biodegradable, easy to store safely, ready to reheat if needed.

Delivered straight to schools after preparation
Stored safely in Thermal Bags

All our meals are prepared the same morning and delivered fresh directly to your child’s nursery, kindergarten, or school to ensure their freshness. Stored in specially adapted thermal bags that keep the accurate food temperature for up to 4 hours until handed to your child you can be sure that the food stays in the right temperature and perfect condition!

Thermal Bag Kids-Box healthy lunch deliverya
healthy & fresh lunch for your child

More time for YOU!

We cook and deliver responsibly, making sure that each child has access to healthy lunch delivered to school every day to help all busy parents out there! Our Kids-Box is an alternative to unhealthy snacks, ready meals, or over sugary desserts that so many children carry to school. With no nuts, pork meat, or deep-fried dishes you can be sure that your child will receive only the best, homemade food.

healthy alternatives
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