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Discover Kids-Box lunch with our 1-Week Trial Kids-Box -40% discount Offer*. For only 3,99€ per box  (Small size – recommended for kids age 2-7). Healthy Lunch Boxes will be delivered to St Cecilia’s Childcare & Kindergarten just in time for lunch!

Use the code: SampleWeek-40 at checkout to order the Sample Kids-Box at a special price!

6.99€ -> 3.99€ /small box
7.99€ -> 4.99€ /large box*

*Online orders for the following week are accepted until each Friday, 3 pm

Do not forget to pack a reusable fork into your child’s backpack. We truly hope they will enjoy our Kids-Box Healthy Lunch!

1-week Sample Kids-Box Offer

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Meat & Fish Menu

The meals are based on high-quality meat and local fish providing a balanced and varied diet. Animal origin protein is easily digestible and contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins. In addition, fish contain Omega-3s, fatty acids important for the intellectual and nervous system of a young child and beneficial for kids’ brain health. Omega-3s may also aid sleep quality and reduce symptoms of asthma and ADHD.

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Veggie Only Menu

Welcome to our deliciously planned and carefully calculated Veggie Only meal plan, the best alternative for kids who do not consume meat or fish. A full range of vitamins and minerals coming from vegetables of various colors, fruits, and grains, complete with eggs, yogurts, and butter, is waiting for your child here. Thanks to the right balance of macroelements and the varied, exciting menu, our Veggie Only Kids-Box remains a great, balanced choice for quickly growing and developing toddlers and older children.

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Kids-Box Preparation

How is it done?

  • Cooked every morning in the kitchen of prestigious restaurant - Tiffany
  • Packed in ECO-friendly boxes and sealed no-air packaging
  • Delivered from Monday to Friday
  • Pick-up by your Childcare or School staff
  • Stored in a thermal bag until ready for consuption
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Facts About Healthy Kids-Box in Malta

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