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Summer/ Autumn 2022 Menu

As we are trying to use as much as possible all fruits and vegetables available in Malta seasonally, our Menus adjust as the products change. In our yearly Meal Plans, we offer you Summer, Autumn, and Spring menu, starting and finishing following School Terms in Malta.  All our menus are based on 10 different meals changing daily, repeating every 2 weeks. Every day your child will find a nutritious meal  Each food box is divided into 3 compartments. contains a pre-lunch snack, main course, and sugar-free or low-sugar dessert. We do not fry or freeze food.

Small boxes €6.50
Large boxes €6.99


If you would like Kids-Box to be delivered free of charge to your child’s school, we need your help!  Please fill in our INTEREST FORM  visible below. Once we know that you and other parents are interested to get a healthy lunch box in the particular location, we will contact the school and hopefully will be able to add it to our partner list shortly.
 We are doing our best to add new schools on a weekly basis.  
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