From the menu creation to your child’s belly

Our goal at is to improve eating habits by offering balanced meals to Child Care Centers & Schools in Malta and to provide ready-to-go, healthy lunch boxes for all the hard-working and busy parents, like ourselves! How does that work?  Here are 10 steps that explain the idea behind our Healthy Kids-Box Lunch.

1.  Seasonal Menu

The scholar year in Malta is divided into three school terms – and so are our meal plans:

  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Spring

Each semester, we introduce new dishes to our menu based on the fresh products available from our local farmers’ and children’s preferences. Keeping things seasonal helps us remain sustainable and make sure our children remain excited to try out new flavours – sourced locally at the time when they taste the best and have great nutritional value!

2. What’s in the box?

Each Kids-Box has 3 compartments
  • Morning Snack
  • Main Course
  • Fruit or Veggie Platter

The food content of each compartment was prepared to match the meal times throughout a child’s day at their childcare place. The daily meal provided in each Kids-Box offers proportions of protein, fats, and carbohydrates based on balanced, healthy eating plate guidelines

Everything your child will find in our fresh & healthy lunch box is: 
  • Prepared the same day
  • Baked not fried
  • With no added sugar
  • No nuts

We are ECO-friendly. That is why our Kids-Box has no fork or knife. Please make sure your child care provides one or keep reusable cutlery in your kid’s school bag.

3. Nutritionist Approved 

While we know Kids-Box looks, smells and tastes like a healthy, homemade meal – don’t take our word for it!  All our menus are checked and approved by a certified nutritionist to ensure your little one’s proper growth and development.

4. We support local farmers

We want to support local growth and economy so whenever and wherever possible, we source our ingredients from the certified Maltese farmers and suppliers known for offering only high-quality, fresh products. Have we already mentioned this is why we keep Kids-Box fresh & seasonal? We source well so that you can eat well. 

5. Cooked by real Chefs

Al Kids-Boxes are prepared daily at the kitchen of Tiffany Restaurant in Portomaso. Our amazing chefs, Sabrina & Bella, work hard every morning to make sure everything is ready just in time for delivery!

6. ECO-friendly package

All our meals are packed in fully biodegradable lunch boxes and sealed with an environmentally friendly, recyclable film. The barrier film also protects our meal from any contamination/bugs/other little hands, from the moment of cooking until consumption.

7. Morning Delivery

Every weekday around 8 am, designated drivers pick up our Kids-Box bags from Tiffany’s kitchen and take them straight to the child care institutions we work with – to reach our little consumers aged 2-5 (or above) by 9 am.

8. Insulated Delivery Bags

When delivering our healthy lunch boxes, we transport them in dedicated thermal bags, custom-made for Kids-Box. They keep the proper meal temperature so that our little ones can enjoy the full taste of their healthy lunch. Kids-Boxes are collected by child care – and stored in our thermal bags until consumption time. We change/rotate the thermal bags every day to make sure the highest hygiene & food quality standards are kept.

9.  Kids-Box container disposal

As soon as the kids finish enjoying their yummy Kids-Boxes, our packaging can be disposed of – in the BIO bin, of course! Both the biodegradable box and the transparent sealing film are environmentally friendly. And since the portions are delicious and made to measure for little bellies – we are not expecting any leftovers to be taken home!

10. Daily updates on Social Media & Feedback Forms

As parents, we are aware of how important it is to know what your child eats every day, especially when you are not preparing the meal yourself! This is why we publish a picture of Kids-Box every morning on our Facebook and Instagram Page We also ask you to help us – by providing your opinion through our Feedback Form. If you are unhappy about something or have some suggestions regarding our services – please use the Complaint Form. We can only improve if we know where!

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