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Info for Childcare Centres & Schools

Kids-Box is a private, Maltese company, operating as an outside service provider delivering nutritious lunch boxes to schools, kindergartens and nurseries in Malta. The idea is to give children an option for healthy meals, ordered & paid for by the parents, directly from website.
Our goal is also to make it simple & hassle-free for teachers or staff to integrate Kids-Box deliveries into your daily routine.  As Kids-Box we ask only for your permission to deliver our Healthy Kids-Box lunch and your help to inform the parents of the possibility to order healthy meals for their children. Our services include daily deliveries of the food in thermal bags by a dedicated driver and online to help in case of any questions parents might have.
There is no need for a legal agreement between us and your institution. However, it will be necessary for parents to sign a Liability Waiver, printed and provided by Kids-Box, to release the Child Care Centre or School from any risk or responsibility related to food handling.
Let us explain a little more in a few simple steps below!
1. Try our Kids-Boxes for free!

We believe in the quality of our Kids-Boxes but don’t take our word for it! Try it first and decide whether our lunch boxes are good enough for kids under your care. Choose the date and our driver will deliver our Sample Kids-Boxes for your viewing and tasting session free of charge.

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2. Informing the parents ...we will need your help here

We cannot let parents know about Kids-Box deliveries to your Child Care Centre or School without your help. We would appreciate it immensely if you could inform the parents about the possibility of ordering Kids-Box Lunches.

We will prepare brochures or/and online content so there is no extra work required from your end.

K-B Customer Support {{ Monday-Friday, 8 am-4 pm }} (1)
3. Answering the questions ...we will do all the work!

Whatever questions parents might have, it will be our responsibility to answer them all. Kids-Box offers dedicated Customer Support by:

  • E-mail
  • WhatsApp (from a smartphone)
  • Facebook Messenger (from our website / Facebook)
  • Phone
4. First Order Sample Kids-Box for Children

All parents who wish to try our Healthy Lunch Meal can order a Sample Kids-Box for their children directly from website. The cost of each lunch is only 6,99€ or 7,99, depending on the meal size. Sample Kids-Boxes will be delivered on the day agreed with your Childcare Centre or School.

Parents can try Sample Box or subscribe for Weekly, Monthly, or Full-Term Delivery.

5. Liability Waiver signed by parents

Once we agree on the date when kids can try Sample Kids-Box, we will provide hard copies with the Outside Catering Food Waiver (please click on the image to enlarge the form).

It is recommended that each parent signs the Outside Catering Food Waiver before receiving the first Kids-Box lunch. It would be extra protection for your Childcare Centre or School and proof of indemnification.

What you should know

About Delivery

Kids-Box Designated driver

Kids-Box dedicated driver will ensure on-time daily fresh delivery.

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Morning Delivery Schedule 8.30 am - 10.30 am

Kids-Box delivery will be scheduled before the meal serving time of your Child Care Centre / Kindergarten / School.

K-B Customer Support {{ Monday-Friday, 8 am-4 pm }} (2)
What, Where & Who: Stickers and Kids List

Our Kids-Box stickers show QR codes leading to our Daily Menu page. Each school, nursery, or kindergarten is also provided with a weekly Delivery List including names of children and their teachers as well as the Meal Plan they had chosen.

Keeping it Fresh: Insulated Delivery Bags

We deliver our healthy lunch boxes in thermal bags, able to keep the meal temperature up to 4 hours.

All Bags are clearly labeled according to Kids-Box size (Small or Large) and selected menu. 

Thermal Bag Kids-Box healthy lunch deliverya
Info Stickers with QR code

We noticed the easiest way to inform parents about Kids-Box deliveries is to place our partnership sticker on your “Waiting Area” entrance door. Parents can visit our website quickly, just by scanning the QR code on the sticker.

kids-box partnership sticker for schools in malta
Because we care!

Food Safety

Prepared & Delivered according to COVID-19 safety regulations

In accordance with the current safety guidelines regarding COVID-19, our meals are delivered and served in individual portions, packed separately in sealed boxes, removing any knows risk of any transmission or contamination.

No nuts. No added sugar. No cutlery Eco-friendly, biodegradable boxes
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