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Why so fussy?

As the founders of Kids-Box and moms of young kids,  we know the challenges related to toddlers’ eating habits just too well. We keep trying to understand their preferences and teach them healthy routines, we want to surprise them with new flavours – yes, the struggle is real! How many times have you seen your child putting away a meal that they loved the day before or refusing to try a new dish, even though it is full of colours, smells and looks delicious?

Luckily, there is a lot of science hidden behind our babies rejecting the food or being fussy. 

First of all, it’s perfectly normal for kids – and human beings at any age! – to be wary of food novelties. Our brains are programmed to protect us from consuming new, unknown things, to protect our health and well-being. Moreover, picky eating is considered a typical phase of a child’s development. Did you know it might take not 2 or 3, but around 10 to 15 exposures to get your kid to like a new food type?

Watch & Learn

What definitely helps, is observing the behaviour of others – scientists call it ‘social modeling’. This is why, at Kids-Box, we make sure that our meals look as similar as they can across all 4 Meal Plans we offer – to keep the little ones excited and interested about sharing the same food with their pre-school/kindergarten peers! We all like to be a part of a bigger community, don’t we?

As Kids-Box Malta grows, we keep learning and adjusting to our little clients’ preferences. Our goal is not only to deliver healthy meal plans in Malta our kids will love but also to give us, hard-working moms this extra time each day where instead of cooking we might sit down and maybe just watch that Netflix!

Help us improve

That is why we would love to hear your opinion on our product! Please, help us help you by providing your suggestions through the Feedback Form. 

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