Healthy Lunch Box

delivered to Childcare Centres & Schools

for kids age 2-17

Healthy, Fresh Meal Daily
No Need to Reheat

  • NO pork
  • NO nuts
  • NO shellfish
  • All fruits & Vegetables from local shops, farmers in Malta
individually packed healthy lunch delivered to school in malta price
  • Cooked every morning
  • NO or little sugar added
  • Never deep-fried
  • Never frozen

This is how it is done.
Cooked Daily, Fresh Always

In accordance with the current safety guidelines regarding COVID-19, our meals are delivered and served in individual portions, packed separately in sealed boxes, removing any known risk of any transmission or contamination and assuring freshness of your child’s meal each da day.

Our benefits

Why customers choose us

  • Only Natural Food
  • Various Dishes
  • Idividually Packed
  • Low in Sugar

Love Nature

At Kids-Box, we take the concept of BIO sustainability very seriously. This is why we have chosen food packaging that is made from bagasse – unbleached, ECO-friendly sugarcane fiber waste left after juice extraction in the sugar industry. Thanks to its fast growth, sugarcane is a highly valuable renewable resource. The material is biodegradable and compostable (‘OK Compost’ certified) – it breaks down after 45-60 days at a home compost or at an industrial composting facility.

Free delivery to Schools and Childcare Centres

  • Cooked every morning in the kitchen of prestigious restaurant - Tiffany
  • Packed in ECO-friendly boxes and sealed no-air packaging
  • Delivered from Monday to Friday
  • Pick-up by your nursery, pre-school, school staff
  • Stored in a thermal bag until handled to your child
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What our clients say

I’ve been waiting for such a great kids’ lunch box for a long time. My daughter loves the food.
It’s fresh & healthy food and I save so much time as I don’t have to cook anymore, which is a big help for a busy, working mommy. It’s priceless for me.

Katja Brandt
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